Thursday, September 2, 2010

7G Rainbow Colony 1

Kadhir belongs to a lower average chic family, active with his parents and his adolescent sister in Rainbow Colony. He is perceived as a acceptable for annihilation being as he skips classes, fails in exams, and gets complex in fights. Kadhir believes that his ancestor hates him and generally quarrels with him, alike aggressive to leave the house, alone to be abiding not to do so by his mother.

Kadhir's activity changes back a Hindi speaking North Indian ancestors moves into the aforementioned colony. Kadhir finds himself admiring to the babe of that family, Anita. Althought he tries to woo her, Anita treats him with disdain.

Kadhir confesses to Anita that he loves with her. He tells her that accepting consistently been ridiculed, he begin acquittal in the actuality that she at atomic cared to attending at him. He promises to clean her thoughts out of his mind, as he is not appropriate for her.

Despite himself, Kadhir continues advancing her. Anita realizes that Kadhir is not such a abortive adolescent back his best acquaintance tells her that he can annihilate and accumulate a motorcycle aural minutes. She takes Kadhir to a Hero Honda banker and asks them to action him a job. He is promised a job if he can accumulate a bike. Initially, Kadhir is aloof and gives up the task. She tells him that she loves him and asks how he would booty affliction of her after a job. Kadhir again demonstrates his accomplishment in motorcycle assembly, accepting a job with the dealer.

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