Thursday, November 5, 2009

Naan Kadavul

For abstruse reasons, a ancestor leaves his son Rudran (Arya) in Kasi. Years later, repenting his act he goes with his babe in chase of him. He finds him there but is abashed to apprentice that he has become an Aghori. Nevertheless he brings him aback to Tamil Nadu. The news takes a about-face actuality and introduces us to the apple of physically and mentally challenged beggars. A apple controlled by the atrocious Thandavan (Rajendran). Hamsavalli (Pooja) a dark babe is angrily afar from her troop and fabricated to accompany the beggars. Soon she becomes addition victim of Thandavan's cruelty. An aghori's assumption is that afterlife is a abuse for wrong-doers and a benefaction for those in suffering. The news spins to a applicable finale.
directed by Bala, starring Arya and Pooja Umashankar in advance roles. Filmed in Tamil, the artifice is based in the angelic boondocks of Kashi. The blur was appear on February 06, 2009 afterwards the blur has been in the authoritative for over three years.

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