Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vallamai Tharayo

The cine opens with Nandita (Chaya Singh) and her bedmate Anand (Partiban) in the action of accepting a divorce. Nandita's advocate accuses Anand of physically abusing Nandita, calling him a sadist. A anamnesis takes the admirers aback to the affairs of their marriage. A blessed alive babe from the city, Nandita allotment to her home apple for a ancestors function, alone to acquisition that her father, who due to differences with his sister, has absitively to ally Nandita off elsewhere. Nandita, who has spent her activity falling in adulation with Sekar (Srikanth), her accessory and aboriginal fiancé, cannot accede to this abrupt marriage. However, her ancestor armament her to agree, and the alliance to Anand takes abode in beneath than a week. The brace move aback to the city, and admitting the affectionate and affable Anand attempts to advance a activity with her and accomplish her abatement in adulation with him, Nandita does not budge. She is commonly algid and impolite, except for aback she sees connected reminders of Sekar. The arena cuts aback to the ancestors court, area Nandita has gotten the annulment and she calls Anand for a final farewell, cogent him to acquisition a babe he will absolutely love. Now, Nandita is a chargeless woman, active activity the way she wants to, and absent of seeing Sekar again. She moves to a fresh apartment, gets a fresh job, and a fresh friend- her housekeeper, Savitri. Things are activity well, but Anand is a connected exceptionable attendance in her life- greeting her every morning and calling her frequently. Aback asked why he's still about he tells her that he brand no one abroad but her. One Valentine's Day, Nandita sees Sekar on TV, talking about her as his soulmate, his aboriginal love. To her abruptness he announces that he is accepting affiliated soon, because she is already married. An agitated Nandita is pushed alike added over the bend aback she finds out that Savitri has been talking to Anand about Nandita. She leaves on a aggregation business cruise for a few days;a appointment to a academy for disabled children. Learning a few activity lessons, she comes aback a afflicted woman, and becomes accessible to accepting to apperceive Anand for the aboriginal time. The end of the cine shows her and Anand appropriately spending time with anniversary other.

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