Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanchivaram 3

At work, he secretly smuggles strings of silks out of the temple in which he works to advice him accomplishment the saree in time. But afterwards a while, he gets bent suring smuggling, which causes him to get baffled up and beatific to jail.

The news allotment to present day, area it is appear that his babe has slipped and fell into a well, abrogation her paralyzed, with cipher to booty affliction of her (Vengadam's wife anesthetized abroad due to a abstruse illness, apparently cancer, back his babe was still young). He asks his sister to booty her in, but his brother-in-law says it will aching his address to accept a thief's babe break in his house. Not alive what to do, Vengadam poisons his own babe and she dies anon thereafter, catastrophe her suffering.

As her asleep anatomy lay in advanced of the house, Vengadam opens up his old backdrop and finds the half-woven cottony saree he had before. He takes the bolt and uses that cottony to awning his asleep daughter's body, in a resemblace to what Vengadam said at the alpha of the blur (at his father's death, Vengadam complained that admitting his ancestor actuality a cottony weaver his accomplished life, he do not accept a distinct cottony bolt to awning his body, afar from a baby allotment angry at his leg fingers as per tradition). The films ends with a benumb anatomy attempt of Vengadam animated appear the camera afterwards accoutrement her daughter's anatomy with silk, afore credits acknowledge how communism has become a beginning movement in abreast India.

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