Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dasavathaaram 2

Suddenly Christian Fletcher (Kamal Haasan), who is an ex-CIA officer, additionally appears in the arena absent the canteen for his own abominable purposes. At Suresh's house, Govind manages to escape afterwards abuse but Suresh and his Japanese wife, Yuka (Ann), are murdered by Fletcher. The artifice Govind, finds himself in a car with addition friend, Sairam, in whose belongings, the canteen gets alloyed up accidentally, sending the canteen by aberration to Chidambaram in India. Unable to stop the flight, Govind assuredly manages to escape from the USA by cheating aboard a burden flight. Accepting intelligence on this issue, Fletcher decides to fly to India to balance the vial. Prior to leaving, he finds himself a translator in the Las Vegas pole dancer, Jasmine (Mallika Sherawat); additionally accepting affiliated to her afore leaving. In Japan, Shingen Narahashi (Kamal Haasan), a Japanese aggressive arts able and brother of Yuka, thinks it was Govind who dead his sister and comes to India, gluttonous revenge.

Upon accession at Chennai airport, the canteen is transferred to addition even and Telugu intelligence officer, Balram Naidu (Kamal Haasan) intervenes and questions Govind, who insists on talking to college authorities but to no avail. As Naidu walks out of the allowance briefly, Fletcher invades the architecture demography Govind and a badge officer, Bharath (Akash) hostage. The leash forth with Jasmine are chock-full at clearing but mange to escape afterwards a Punjabi pop singer, Avtaar Singh (Kamal Haasan), faints and causes a aberration at the airport. Eventually Akash gets attempt and during this, Govind manages to escape from Fletcher and flees to Chidambaram in achievement of award the vial. Subsequently, Fletcher and Jasmine appoint a driver, Broadway Kumar (M. S. Baskar) to carriage them to Chidambaram as well.

The canteen ultimately ends up at the abode of a Brahmin ancestors in Chidambaram. The vial, delivered in a bindle by the postman Prabhu (Vayapuri), is taken in by a 95-year-old, aged woman, Krishnaveni (Kamal Haasan), who lives in acceptance of accepting a bindle from her son, who asleep . Govind pleads for it to no avail, but eventually changes the apperception of Krishnaveni, afterwards answer the accurate blackmail to her granddaughter, Andaal (Asin Thottumkal). Krishnaveni responds by putting the canteen central the idol of the deity, Perumal, citation that God would abort the weapon. Fletcher and Jasmine, eventually access in Chidambaram and Jasmine attempts to abduct Prabhu and Naidu's assistant, Ekambaram (Chitti Babu) to acknowledge Govind's location.

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