Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yavarum Nalam

Manohar, an upwardly adaptable average chic Indian, moves into a fresh accommodation - 13B on the 13th attic with his ancestors accomplishing one of his life's better dreams. But the ancestors is greeted by a alternation of baby atomic incidents such as milk accepting baby that could be admired as inauspicious but are shrugged off by the aflame Manohar. The lift in the accommodation does not accomplish for Manohar.
The women in the ancestors get absorbed on to a fresh TV appearance "Sab Khairiyat" (All's Well). The appearance is about a ancestors eerily agnate to endemic who accept additionally aloof confused into a fresh abode aloof like they have. As the consecutive unfolds, Manohar notices that the incidents that appear in the consecutive are a absorption of what has happened to Manohar and his family. The consecutive mirrors Manohar's ancestors life. For example, his sister admission first-class, his wife accepting abundant and afterwards an abortion. The blow of the ancestors charcoal absent to the similarities and Manohar prefers it that way to abstain panic.
As Manohar fights the afraid activity in his mind, things alpha demography a about-face for the worse in the serial. He is now abashed that the aforementioned would appear to his ancestors as well. Manohar now wants to apperceive who is abaft the authoritative of this consecutive and what their intentions are. As Manohar explores the abstruse happenings, he unravels a abysmal and base secret.
The abode they alive in was the abode area the accomplished ancestors of eight were murdered way aback in 1977. It was the ancestors of a TV News clairvoyant Chitra. On the day of Chitra's assurance an agog fan(Shriram Shinde in 13B version) of Chitra wants to stop the assurance and he fails in accomplishing so. Disheartened, he commits suicide. Afterwards that all associates in that ancestors was murdered with a bang in a distinct day. The accusation rests on the crazy brother in the ancestors as he is apparent with the bang last. The badge administrator investigating the case additionally commits suicide by blind himself in the aforementioned house.
Now Manohar and his acquaintance who is a policeman are in the action of unraveling the mystery. Manohar researches the dement Senthil, who allegedly goes crazy afterwards seeing the TV appearance in an asylum. Manohar again meets Senthil who extends a duke for Manohar but drags him central but his acquaintance Shiva helps him from actuality dragged, they again met Chitra's above fiance Ramchandar who tries to appeal for Senthil's chastity because he got covered in claret while he hugged the bodies, bootless in the case.
After researching one night Manohar had a daydream of the 13B assassin aggressive the stairs to annihilate his family. Back Manohar approved to ascend the stairs, he consistently concluded up in the 2nd attic and afterwards a few moments he woke up. He again goes to the anteroom and assemblage the Climax of "Yavarum Nalam" back they were assuming the murderer's identity, he sees two hammers, one acicular bang and a edgeless sledge-hammer, again assuming Manohar's face as the killer.

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