Thursday, November 5, 2009


This cine has some arrangement akin the English Cine "Media:Lucky Number Slevin". The cine resembles in for example: Picking the amiss guy, pavadai allurement Kunjipadham to Annihilate his adverse numbers son. Everything is agnate except the motive of the killings by hero is altered and there is no role for Bruce Willis Character in Laadam.
A abominable tale, the news begins with Kunjidhapadam (Aravindan) who comes from a baby abode to the burghal for an account and he manages to acquisition abode to break with his abroad about Subramanyam who is absolutely a defaulter on loans taken on interest. He is abrogation but afresh leaves his key at a abstruse place. Kunjidhapadam takes the key and stays and he additionally manages to get a job. On the added hand, there is Angel (Charmy Kaur) who grows as an drop and works with a mineral baptize company. She doesn't accept a abode to break so she locates those houses after occupants and stays there for a night and gets activity in the morning. One such instance gets her to Kunjidhapadam's house. All this apart, there are two advisers Pavadai (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Vembuli (Jayaprakash) who are out to annihilate anniversary added and Vembuli is acknowledged in killing Pavadai's son. So he vows to annihilate Vembuli's son by the 12th day commemoration of his son. A aberration of fate occurs and Pavadai's goons aberration Kunjidhapadam to be Subrahmanyam and get him to booty money. Kunjidhapadam gives an abstraction to annihilate Vembuli's son and he is accustomed a 16 day borderline to annihilate abroad Pavadai threatens to annihilate him
Vembuli came's to apperceive this and approved to annihilate Kunjidhapadam. But he comes alive. After that he afresh meets Angel and tries to get money from her to accord it aback to Pavadai which his abroad about Subramanyam has to give. At that time Pavadai realizes and confirms that Kunjidhapadam has to annihilate Vembulies son.
He alternate aback and on the way he mets the adverse bandit and tries to escape from them and abyss got his files which contains his bulk certificate. After that he meets Angel afresh and alternate her money aback which Pavadai alternate with bifold of the bulk and a gun. After that he meets Angel and both are planning to break in ball amateur Vadivelu's house. After that both follows a men alive beneath Vembulie and went central a restaurent breadth he managed to get advice about Vembulie's son who is hidden in a affective air bus with lots of securities. And he is in chase of the bus and founds. After that he tries to stop the bus and wants to allocution with Vembulie's son. He tells all things happened with Pavadai and ask him to accord him a job with aegis from Pavadai. But they plays a activity bold and ordered not to face afresh or abroad he will be killed. After that both went to a ministers abode to break at night and in morning they got bent and they managed to escape from the ministers gang. A badge tries to escape them and he brings both to base and afield he makes them to get married. And brought them to his house, because it is 100th alliance done in badge station. In abode aboriginal night has been abiding and at that time both Angel and Kunjidhapadam becomes afterpiece and get acceptable affectionate and both bent in love. Next day he tries to see Vembulie's son who is in a baby baiter and some of his abyss were arena in bank and they throws him into the sea. He manages to bathe and alcove the baiter and asks for his bulk certificates.

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