Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kannum Kannum

Prasanna, an drop vents his animosity in a composition but he doesn’t accelerate it to any magazine. Surprisingly he reads a poem, bound by a girl, in a annual that is absolutely agnate to what he has written. Prasanna is amused and sets off to acquisition the girl. He finds that she is a collage apprentice and active in Kutralam. He writes a letter and gets a reply. The accord develops and it gradually evolves into love.

One accomplished day he goes to Kutralam to accommodated the babe and stays in his friend’s house. The babe is out of base on a collage tour. Ironically, the she is the sister of his friend. In the additional half, the acquaintance dies in a mishap, which is acquired by Prasanna accidentally. Prasanna, absent to accomplish amends for his fault, takes the albatross of his acquaintance and considers his friend’s sisters as his own sisters. When the babe comes back, she finds a fresh brother, who is declared to be her lover. She was against with Prasanna back she anticipation it was absolutely his accountability until she abstracts out why he has appear to kutralam. Cries, affections takes abode afterwards this adverse thing. What happens to the adulation makes the alluringly conceived and able-bodied accomplished climax. People say it's a appealing accurate blur to watch as a family.

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