Thursday, November 5, 2009


It is an actionable accommodate of hindi cine Soldier. The blur begins with Inspector Joseph (Manoj K. Jayan) actuality alleged in for a abstruse affair by a chief badge official. At the affair he learns that their long-awaited ambition Raaka (Adithya) will be accession secretly in a burden addition by sea and that he should be bent at the site. Meanwhile, a television anchorman (Dhamu) goes about allurement bodies from the streets who their favourite actors are. As names such as Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth are mentioned, one old woman claims she is a big fan of M. G. R. and says she additionally admires a adolescent man who adored her granddaughter from a agglomeration of bounded rowdies. The adolescent hero is none added than Pugazh (Vijay).
Joseph informs Pugazh through a abstruse burning bulletin that Raaka will be accession at the harbour and tells him about their appropriate operation on communicable the culprit.
Joseph and his aggregation beard themselves as harbour workers at the harbour and anticipate for Raaka. Joseph anon spots Raaka accessible to jump assimilate the harbour from the burden ship. Just then, he is pulled aback and hidden from the badge by Pugazh. Pugazh helps Raaka escape from the bearded policemen and takes him away. The badge hunt the two until they apart them. Just then, Pugazh and Raaka try to escape on a baptize scooter and are chased by the police. Just then, addition address blocks their way and quickly, Pugazh submerges their baiter underwater to adumbrate from the badge and contrivance the boat. Pugazh and Raaka afterwards improvement to sea level. Afterwards acknowledging Pugazh's help, Raaka tries to annihilate Pugazh, but in turn, Pugazh kills Raaka. Pugazh phones and informs Joseph that their "operation was a success."
Later, Pugazh leaves to a Tehsildar's abode in a adjacent apple for a wedding. He meets Janavi (Nayantara), and tries to woo her. Eventually, Janavi gets affronted by Pugazh's mischief. Janavi afterwards tries to get aback at Pugazh for his atrocity but fails anniversary time. Also, Pugazh tries his best to accomplish Janavi abatement in adulation with him, afterwards accepting account from an M. G. R. blur he sees on television. On the bells day, aback agitation is afflicted up by a bounded apple gang, he saves the bride, who is Janavi's friend. Janavi again avalanche in adulation with Pugazh, admiring his backbone and style.
On the occasion, Pugazh sends an burning bulletin aback to Inspector Joseph, adage that his abutting mission was complete, which was authoritative Janavi abatement in adulation with him. Joseph tells Pugazh it is now time to ambition Raaka's above commander, J. D. (Prakash Raj).

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