Sunday, November 22, 2009

saroja 4

The four accompany and Saroja assuredly access at the railway base to escape the area. They anon apprehend to their abhorrence that the railway base is absolutely the exact atom area Sampath is planning to aggregate the bribe money from Vishwanath and Ravichandran. Vishwanath and Ravichandran are continuing on the added ancillary of the tracks. Saroja leaves the hideout, crosses the tracks, and embraces Ravichandran out of relief.

Just as Vishwanath is charmed that his babe is aback in safe hands, Ravichandran pulls out a gun and credibility it at Saroja. At that moment, Vishwanath realizes that Ravichandran is absolutely the administrator abaft Saroja's abduction and that Sampath is aloof addition abettor amenable for caryring out Ravichandran's orders. A anamnesis reveals that Ravichandran and Sampath are acceptable accompany and that they accept continued been anxious of Vishwanath for his amusing cachet and wealth.

In the nick of time, the heroes appear from the cover and action the goons with all their might. Vishwanath assuredly shoots and kills Ravichandran, and Saroja is reunited with her family. As anybody allotment home, the four accompany try to anamnesis the name of the babe they accept aloof rescued.

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