Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pandi (Larencce) does abject jobs in Dubai and saves every penny he earns and sends it to his ancestors in Usilampatti. A anamnesis reveals that he was a airy youth, who is generally chided by his ancestor (Nasser). His ancient brother (Sreeman) is the baby boy of his father. However Pandi's mother (Saranya) showers all her adulation and amore on him. Pandi comes beyond Sneha, a cop’s babe in the apple and afterwards a arrangement of contest affair blossoms amid them. Meanwhile his ancestors receives a shock as aloof a brace of canicule afore Pandi's sister's wedding, Sriman runs away from the abode with the money kept for the wedding.

A abject ancestor is consoled by Pandi, who borrows money from a clandestine broker and completes the wedding. Meanwhile, Sneha walks out of the abode to access wedlock with Pandi.

Determined to aftereffect the accommodation and advice his ancestors overcomes their banking constraint, Pandi decides to go away and assignment as attention staff. He manages to balance his ancestors with his earnings. However on his acknowledgment he is abashed to acquisition his mother dead. Coming to apperceive that it was no accustomed death,

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