Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pirivom Santhippom

Unusually, this is not a cine bedeviled by a macho protagonist. Instead, it chooses to circumduct about the activity of Sala (short for Visalatchi) played by Sneha, who aback the cine begins is about to complete her master's degree. The alone babe of her parents, she marries into a collective ancestors of different uncles, aunts and children, afar from her in-laws. Aback she moves out forth with her bedmate from a abode abounding of ancestors into a abode with cipher to allege to, the bareness begins to boring get to her. Cheran never notices his wife's abnormality. Sneha boring turns a Psycho, who aliment her fridge, fan and added equipments in her abode and calls electrician played by Kanja Karuppu and talks with him, to affected her loneliness. She again starts recording the assorted sounds that alcove her ears, like birds chirping, leaves bouncing in air, in to a band recorder. This aberancy turns agitated aback she tries to almanac a child's laughter, which causes a achievement to the adolescent and the adolescent turns immobile, which frightens Sneha. But the adolescent regains its accustomed accompaniment afterwards treatment. Jayaram who comes as a doctor, finds her aberancy and warns Cheran. But it turns too backward that Sneha aback consumes too abounding sleeping pills to affected her loneliness. Again Jayaram advices Cheran to booty Sneha aback to their collective family. So does Cheran and they advance a blessed life.

This bareness gives Palaniappan the amplitude he needs to accomplish his annotation on family, decidedly the Tamil ancestors and "our way of living". This cine was a Pongal absolution and compared to all added releases, this blur won the best and Sneha's acting was accepted a lot. This did a reasonable business at the box appointment by commutual 100 days.

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