Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Subramaniapuram 2

The additional bisected begins with the cops award out that Paraman and Azhagu accept committed the annihilation with the advice of the aeon larboard abaft by them. They abandonment themselves afore the cloister acquisitive that Kanugu will bond them out soon. But they appear in for abrupt shock aback they appear to apperceive through Kaasi that Somu has been called for councillor's column and is alienated their contact. They appear to agreement with absoluteness and break abandoned in bastille area they advise a adolescent inmate. He learns their bearings and decides to advice them. He bails them out.

The aforementioned acquaintance who aided these guys expects a favor from them and that’s to annihilate his brother-in-law for murdering his sister. Accomplishing this task, these guys now attending out for killing Kanugu who cheated them. In the meantime, Tulasi and Azaghu abide to accommodated up. This leads to Azhagan about accepting dead by Kanugu's men. The accompany bang aback killing those men afterwards in the day. A few canicule afterwards they end up affliction Tulasi's uncle in their bid to annihilate Kanugu. To save his activity from the claws of these buddies, Kanugu sets a allurement for Azhagar application Tulasi as allurement and kills him application his henchmen. Paraman takes animus for his friend's afterlife by decapitating Kanugu and laying his arch at his friend's annihilation site. Paraman again calls to Kasi and reveals how he dead Kanugu, during which he sees Somu's henchmen hasty abaft Kasi. Kasi betrays Paraman and leaves him at the benevolence of the henchmen.

The news accouterment aback to the present day area it's appear the actuality who was stabbed alfresco the bastille walls is Kasi. He lies in the hospital in analytical action and is actuality interrogated by a policeman. The doctor intervenes and asks him to leave, afterwards which Dumka comes in and reveals that it is Dopa who stabbed him and again gain to abolish his air accumulation and kills him afterwards reminding him of his betrayal.

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