Thursday, November 5, 2009


The blur revolves about three characters – Karunakaran (Sasikumar), Pandi (Bharani) and Chandran (Vijay). The leash eats, sleeps and parties calm in Rajapalayam. They additionally accept their alone ambitions in life.
Karunakaran is in adulation with his uncle’s babe Nallama (Ananya). He is absurdly advancing a government job because his uncle agrees to the alliance if and back he obtains one. Pandi is atrocious to go away and get rich, while Chandran is committed to alpha a computer center.
All goes able-bodied until Saravanan (Ranga) enters, a adolescence acquaintance of Karunakaran. Son of a above MP (Member of Parliament), he is in adulation with Prabha (Shanthini Devi), babe of a bigwig in Namakkal. Shocked by Saravanan’s suicide attack due to adulation failure, the leash promises to advice him out and affiliate the two lovers. They set out to Namakkal area they admit the advice of their old acquaintance 'Ganja' Karuppu.
The leash manages to advice the brace get affiliated and achieve bottomward in a safe place. Caught amid the two families, Chandran loses his leg and Pandi goes deaf. Meanwhile, Karunankaran suffers a claimed accident in the family.
Soon they apprehend that the action they fought did not served any purpose because the brace advance aberration of opinions and breach aural a abbreviate time. Their sacrifices for their friend’s adulation amounted to nothing.
What the leash again does to advise the brace a lesson, forms the cine climax

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