Sunday, November 8, 2009


The blur opens and ends with bastille sequences. In both scenes the hero (Bharath) is apparent abaft the bars. The affairs from his absolution and his re-entry to the bastille accomplish the accomplished film. The hero, who comes out of the prison, puts his sister’s activity on clue through his avowal and goes aback to the bastille as a martyr.
The advocate was put abaft the confined back he was ten years old. He dead his father's "keep" who fabricated his mother’s activity a hell by base her to cajole his ‘keep’. He went to bastille and his ancestor angry an accidental vagabond. The boy’s ancient sister grew up (with whose help?) and got affiliated to a agent (Biju Menon).
The innocent babe (Khushboo) is active in a fool’s paradise, assertive the man, who is absolutely an anti amusing element.
However, she charge not anguish about anything. The hero, who is now 25, has appear out of the jail. He gets a job in his sister’s abode after absolute his identity. He unearths the adumbral deals of his sister’s bedmate and reforms him and puts his sister’s activity on track. Meanwhile he finds his affection (Kajal Agarwal).new interesting movie.

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