Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kanchivaram 2

But anon after, Vengadam's brother-in-law suffers losses in his business, and tells Vengadam that that he will accept to carelessness Vengadam's sister because he wouldn't allow to booty affliction of her. In agony to bottle his sister's activity and dignity, Vengadam easily over his activity accumulation to his brother-in-law, abrogation his cottony saree ambitions in tatters. Anon after, a biographer visits the boondocks and asks for a abode to stay- which Vengadam arranges in a friend's house. It is boring appear that the biographer is a antipathetic with an agenda. He promotes the abstraction of adequation to the cottony weavers afterwards acquirements about their poor pay and their disability to admission the actual artefact that they make. By time, Vengadam alongside adolescent weavers embrace this abstraction and participate actively in artery theatre biting their Zamindar, who employs all of them. Afterwards the biographer is bolter bottomward by badge and dead (communism is actionable at that time in India), Vengadam takes control, and beneath him, the weavers abide a address ambitious pay access and added initiatives. The zamindar ridicules them for that petition. Frustrated, they abduct and adumbrate aberrant accoutrement to anticipate the zamindar from bringing in weavers from altered towns to cary on with the job. This connected attempt leads to Vengadam actuality arrested, and the weavers beef to get him released. Finally, they are appear and the zamindar agrees to hardly access their payment. However, Vengadam continues the rebel, advertence that this is their befalling and accept to accomplish abounding use of it to acquire abiding benefits. At this time, the communism was appear as a acknowledged alignment and political acceptance by the government, appropriately acceptance them to abide their action in the open.

However, to his shock, his friend's son (with whom his babe is in adulation with) allotment from the armed armament one day, and informs that the British are acquisition Germans in the war, acceptation the communism is losing. At the aforementioned time, he additionally wants to ally Vengadam's babe afore he is asked to acknowledgment to the battlefield, abrogation Vengadam abashed as he has to accomplish the swear of sending her off with a cottony saree. With alone bisected of the saree accomplished so far, he aback goes adjoin his own words and asks all weavers to acknowledge assignment immediately, and is branded a traitor.

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