Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thangalakshmi (Nadhia) is a affluent business woman active in Bangkok who has planned to ally her babe off to Abhi (Ragini) to addition affluent man's son. But she wishes to conduct the alliance in Kothamangalam, her built-in apple abreast Coimbatore. She wants to booty animus on her ancestors and her brother (Lalu Alex) who she feels was amenable for killing her bedmate a above beneficiary (Nepolean) for not giving permission to run his school.

In her village, some of the gundas try to advance Tahnagalakshmi and her daughter. Help is at duke for her aback Sundar C(Kathir) comes in and saves the day. She anon appoints him to be her daughter's bodyguard, and additionally appoints a claimed abettor Mani (Vivek). The alliance with the Bangkok guy avalanche through due to Kathir and Mani's asinine ideas. In a aberration to the tale, Kathir ties the angelic bond about Abhi's close with the absolution of Thangalakshmi.

After the alliance alone Kathir reveals that he is Kathiresan son of her own brother and she is her murai Maappillai. A bent Thangalakshmi decides to abolish the alliance and go aback to Bangkok with her daughter. She uses Karakattakari Namitha, a glam-shell, to abstracted her babe from Kathir but fails.

At the aforementioned time, Kathiresan challenges her to accelerate Abhi to his abode for 7 days, during which he will argue her of his accurate adulation and win her over. If he fails she can go aback with her mother. The blow of the blur is how Kathiresan wins over Abhi and additionally convinces his mother-in-law.

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