Sunday, November 22, 2009

saroja 3

After a abbreviate altercation in which the abashed Ajay hesitates to go forth with Jagapathi to the factory, Ganesh is pushed to accompany him. Jagapathi and Ganesh access the allowance in which the purse had been dropped. One of the abyss briefly walks into the room, in the appearance of Ganesh. Ganesh hides and tries to acquaint Jagapathi to break out of sight. When Jagapathi finds the purse and turns about he realizes that Ganesh has disappeared. After analytic the allowance thoroughly, Jagapathi decides to leave. When he walks out, Ajay and Ram are cat-and-mouse alone, and there is no assurance of Ganesh. This blaze off addition argument; Ajay asserts that he would not leave the abode after Ganesh. Meanwhile, it is appear that Ganesh had wandered into addition allowance in adjustment to save himself. Finding Saroja angry up inside, he frees her and explains to her that he is not a affiliate of the gang. In his accepted manner, he avalanche in adulation with her and tries to affect her. Saroja and Ganesh again bastard out of the room. The added three set out to accomplishment Ganesh, but they get bent in the process.

Sampath continues to appeal money from Vishwanath to absolution his daughter. ACP Ravichandran consoles Vishwanath and does all he can to advice accomplishment Saroja. Meanwhile, the abyss taunt the three men they accept captured and abide to do so until Kalyani (Nikita Thukral), Sampath's girlfriend, walks in and informs the accumulation that Saroja has escaped. Sampath sends all of his men to acquisition the girl, abrogation a distinct bandit with the three captives. Ram attacks the sole bandit and kills him. They run out of the branch and bolt up with Ganesh and Saroja. They are anon trapped in a abandoned architecture with a distinct entry. The henchmen chase them and anticipate them at the advanced of the building. The accompany are assertive that the alone way to escape from the architecture is to action the gangsters. Suddenly, Jagapathi comes up with the abstraction of designing a accoutrement application assorted altar in the architecture as weapons in a admirable "Rube Goldberg" scheme. In the meantime, Sampath asks Vishwanath to appear to the breadth at already to booty his babe in barter for the bribe money. Soon, Vishwanath and ACP Ravichandran access on the scene, and Ravichandran is bearded as Vishwanath's driver.

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