Sunday, November 8, 2009


Though Director Myshkin's authoritative admission Chithiram Pesuthadi was a abundant hit, the blur crictics accustomed its success to Gana Ulaganathan' acclaimed band hit cardinal "Vazhameenukkum". Myshkin challenged the critics that he will bear a acceptable cine after gana ulaganathan, the aftereffect was Anjaathey a blockbuster. Myshkin had declared in an account that he had ahead blue-blooded this adventure as "sathya sothanai" (as it was his own) but after afflicted the appellation attributable to his producers' desire.
Satya(Narain) and Kiruba(Ajmal Ameer) are abutting accompany active beyond the artery in the neighbourhood. Satya is presented as a guy who does not booty his activity seriously, who gets complex in common fights and who loves to booze. Admitting he and Kiruba anesthetized academy with a aboriginal chic degree, Satya shows no absorption in abutting the badge force like his father. Kiruba studies adamantine to bright the assay to become a Sub-Inspector(SI), arduous Satya to do the same. Just a day afore the exam, Satya decides to booty up the assay as well, abundant to his friend's abruptness and with little arch start, passes the physical, accounting and interview, with the advice of malpractices and access from his uncle and becomes an SI. However, Kiruba doesn't accomplish it through admitting actuality beeline forward; this creates a breach amid the two.
Kiruba's ancestor lies to Satya that he has gone to Mumbai, but Satya finds him in the bounded bar, accepting become a drunkard.
Parallel is the news of Daya(Prasanna) and Loganathan(Pandiarajan), who blackmail money from businessmen through kidnappings. Afore Satya became a policeman, he exhausted up Daya for molesting Kiruba's sister, admitting none including Kiruba apperceive of this.

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