Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Anniyan is the news of "Rules" Ramanujam Iyengar, accepted as "Ambi" (Vikram), a advocate who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Ambi is an innocent and honest lawyer. If he comes beyond anyone not abject the rules he files cases adjoin them but all his efforts go in vain.His connected addiction to be absolute in rules and bluntness leads him to advance a Multiple Personality Disorder in which a fresh appearance in him grows as Anniyan, a austere reaper, (Vikram) and starts a website alleged www.anniyan.com to apprehend people's complaints. The fresh character, Anniyan, is a agitated man. When he is Ambi and comes beyond a being who does not obey rules he makes complaints in his website. When he is Anniyan, he goes and kills them by methods acclimated for disturbing bodies in hell. He allegedly takes the analogue of these methods from the Garuda. The blur has comedies by Vivek apropos the anagrams of the Sanskrit words that denote the punishments. Even the titles apparent in the alpha of the blur accelerate with quicker action of their anagrams. Another archetype is, during the abeyance of the film, the chat "TENSIONRISM" morphs into the chat "INTERMISSION", which is its anagram.This film,can be carefully accompanying to Shankar's antecedent feature, Indian. Both movies accept agnate names in pronunciation, and both movies absorb the capital appearance acclaim out the base elements of India, due to bribery causing the afterlife of the capital character's abutting ancestors member. The capital appearance additionally assets acceptance amidst the public, and shows one of his murders on alive TV.

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