Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pithamagan whirls about four characters. Chithan (Vikram) who is orphaned at a adolescent age, bare of all beastly contacts lives on his beastly instincts and ekes out a active as a graveyard caretaker. He seems to display behaviour constant with autism spectrum disorders. Gomathy (Sangeetha), a petty ganja seller, who pities Chithan’s condition, gets him a job at the ganja fields of the capital villain. Sakthi (Surya), the conman, cons Manju (Laila Mehdin), a polytechnic apprentice but does not get abroad with it. Sakthi meets Chithan in bastille and takes benevolence on him and befriends with him. It is Sakthi’s amore that melts Chithan’s adamant heart. Later, Sakthi gets into agitation with an affecting narcotics banker and the news moves boring into a bleeding and applicable finale.

The film has won the following awards since its release:
2004 National Film Awards (India)
Won - Silver Lotus Award - Best Actor - Vikram
2004 Filmfare Awards South
Won - Filmfare Best Film Award - Pithamagan
Won - Filmfare Best Director Award - Bala
Won - Filmfare Best Actor Award - Vikram
Won - Filmfare Best Actress Award - Laila
Won - Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award - Surya
Won - Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award - Sangeetha
Tamil Nadu State Film Awards

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