Monday, November 2, 2009


The film's artifice revolves about CBI administrator Kanthaswamy, forth with his friends, acceding the wishes of the beggared bodies who address belletrist to a bounded Lord Muruga Temple, bearded like an animal chicken. During a CBI assets tax raid, he discovers that Ponnusamy, a affluent entrepreneur, has affluence of atramentous money. To escape the questioning, Ponnusamy pretends to be paralyzed. The accident angers his babe Subbulakshmi and goes afterwards Kanthaswamy, assuming to adulation him,(Subbulakshmi didn't apperceive that her ancestor was assuming to be paralyzed) gluttonous revenge. Kanthasamy knew that subbulakshmi was assuming to be in adulation with him acts with her. This forms a cat and abrasion hunt amid the two. Vadivelu does his amazing role in the acreage of ball in this film. While he is additionally approved afterwards by a bounded badge ambassador who tries to break the abstruseness of "Lord Muruga extenuative the people," the fate of Kanthaswamy's beard leads into the acme of the story. Assuredly he brings out the accuracy that the CBI in the role abaft the abstruse assignment of allowance the beggared bodies but he can't prove it. Kanthasamy finds the countersign of subbulakshmi's ancestors annual in accessing the atramentous money of her ancestors which is illegally saved. He appear the countersign and answers for the aegis questions from subbulakshmi indirectly. Kanthasamy assuredly transfers the money to his annual which would be acclimated for allowance the poor beggared people. Subbulakshmi's ancestor got bedridden at the end knewing that the countersign which was acclimated by him to admission his atramentous money was changed. The news absolutely has a feel of Tamil cine Sivaji "The boss"(co-incidentally addition Shriya starrer),Ramana and Anniyan(another Vikram starrer).The cine was a box appointment success but accustomed alloyed analysis mostly abrogating but this flim advised success both for vikram and susiganesan

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