Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The News is Copied from the English Cine Cellular.

The cine revolves about Ashwin (Ashwin Shekar) who runs an accident administration aggregation romances Archana(Veda). Aswin comes to Malaysia to accommodated her. He comes beyond a telephonic alarm from a woman, who cries out for help.

A above cop Sriman kidnaps a housewife Selvi(Khushboo) and her son and asks for a tape. Selvi does not apperceive annihilation about the band Sriman is allurement about. To ensure that Selvi does not accomplish any alfresco contacts from his place, he break the receiver of the telephone. Selvi somehow aliment it and dials an bearding cardinal which is answered by Aswin ands selvi pleads him to save her activity with her son. Aswin takes the chat as ablaze initially but after on back the calls accumulate repeating, he realises the affair and sets in chase of Selvi to accomplishment her.

How did Aswin accomplishment Selvi and her son from sriman and his assemblage is the blow of the story.

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