Monday, March 1, 2010


Marudhamalai (Arjun), a badge constable is acquaint to assignment in Nachiapuram village. Nachiapuram is disqualified by an affecting man alleged Maasi (Lal) , who makes abiding that elections are not conducted there for over a decade. Anyone who dares to book their choice cardboard gets dead by him.

Surya Narayanan (Raghuvaran), an acclamation abettor takes up the job of administering elections in the village. He visits Nachiapuram and instills aplomb amid the bodies to about-face up and accept their representative. He incurs the acrimony of Maasi.

On the Acclamation Day, Lal and his men go on a rampage. It is area Marudhamalai, a cop in the bounded badge base accomplish in. He vows to put an end to Lal's atrocities. How Marudhamalai able his job forms the crux. Few sequences in the cine admonish us of movies including Mudhalvan, Manikanda and Kireedam. The humour-filled aboriginal bisected involving Vadivelu and an action-packed closing allotment accomplish the cine engrossing.

Arjun again kills Lal and avenges the annihilation of his ancestor which was committed by Lal and his gang. Arjun firstly becomes a admirable administrator aloft capturing Lal. Following this, he earns the account of abounding by authoritative sure.

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