Monday, March 8, 2010

Butterfly on a Wheel

Butterfly on a Wheel is a perfectly designed drama with most twist and turn. Watch the film with out any expectance; you will end up fully satisfied. James bond fame Pierce Brosnan is the best cast in movie with his mysterious look and thirsty eyes. Pierce Brosnan torchers Neil Randall and his wife Abby Randall by kidnapping Sophie (daughter of Neil Randall and Abby Randall) and asking them to do to break their savings and name what they built in 10 years of their married life. The suspense is maintained till the last moment. Butterfly on a Wheel is good entertainer with best suited casts.The film is directed by Mike Barker.The film was released in US as Shattered and in Europe as Desperate Hours.
Lives will be broken
No one knows how far they can go... until they are pushed.

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