Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kaadhal Mannan

Shiva(Ajith) is a mechanic, a charlatan accepted for attempting adventuresome acts for the account of a bet. One such bet takes him to Delhi area he meets a woman who asks him to bear a letter to her adolescent sister. This adolescent sister is Thilothama(Manu), who is all set to be affianced to Ranjan(Karan), the man of her father's choice. But that doesn't stop Shiva from falling in adulation with her. Against her added acceptable sense, Thilothama too finds herself falling for Shiva.

As continued as the cine deals with the interactions amid Ajith and Manu, it is enjoyable. The abashing of Manu has been brought out abnormally able-bodied as she struggles amid acknowledging her animosity for Ajith and accepting her father's orders. The couple's cruise to Delhi is one such allocation that is abundantly by others and the arrangement does a acceptable job of registering Manu's bit-by-bit falling for Ajith. Even the bet Ajith makes with Manu, admitting appearing asinine in concept, has been accomplished well.

It is alone with the added characters that Sharan block up. Unlike the contempo Minnale, he makes things accessible for Manu (and therefore, beneath absorbing for us) by authoritative Karan an easy-to-dislike character. And Sharan doesn't stop there. Karan's mother is an acid appearance that any woman would alarming accepting for her mother-in-law. Such agenda characters booty any calmness out of the movie. And admitting Vivek's appearance has some nice moments and lines, abounding of his acts and dialogs are unrealistic. The accurateness of Manu's ancestor is additionally apish admitting Karan's ancestor is abundant added believable.

The cine is aided by a well-handled climax. Ajith's appointment to Manu's house, his dialogs there and the consecutive contest are picturised in a nice address that presents a satisfactory cease to the issues. Ajith comes into his own in these scenes and his access at Girish Karnad is convincing. Admitting Karan's appearance takes a assault thereafter, the acme isn't diffuse above what is bare and is crisp.

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