Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ajith plays Vasu, a bashed disorderly who lives in a cinema endemic by Vinu Chakravarthy. He had a bent adolescence and wastes his canicule by drinking, fighting, and sleeping. The blur begins aback Vasu's acquaintance Dhamu loses a reel of the cine Annamalai to Mohana (Shalini). Vasu and Mohana affray aback Vasu attempts to retrieve the reel. Mohana's ancestors are associates of the police, headed by Birla Bose (Nasser), Mohana's father.

At this point, an ex-Mafia "Dada" who spent abounding years in bastille because of Birla Bose, Tulasi Das (Raghuvaran), comes to the theater. He doesn't like Bose, and hires Vasu to kidnap Mohana. He cries out his woes in the song "Satham Illatha." Mohana avalanche in adulation with him, audition his pain.

When Tulasi Das realizes Mohana loves Vasu, he hires Vasu added to pretend he loves her back. At first, with Vasu, it's aloof pretend, and again he, too, begins to adulation her. More surprises anticipate the admirers as the cine unfolds.

Ajith fell in adulation with Shalini afterwards co-starring with her in this movie; after they got married. So, the blur was marketed as Shalini's aftermost film. However, Mani Ratnam's cine Alaipayuthey, starring Madhavan as the hero, was Shalini's aftermost movie.

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