Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It begins back Krishna (Yogi) a adolescent columnist and his adherent Sona (Jayashri Rao) accidentally run bottomward a adolescent woman on their drive home afterwards a night's affair on a bare amplitude of East Coast Road, abreast Chennai. They adjudge to leave the asleep anatomy and drive away. Later Krishana discovers article aberrant back he finds a abstruse adumbration that appears on the pictures he takes with his camera.

He thinks that's aloof a bad picture, but again he realizes that there is article abundant added adverse abaft the adumbration on the account anatomy and the acutely abashing dreams. Unable to cope, they alpha investigating the abnormality of the apparition actualization on the photographs, which leads to a analysis about Krishna's past, and a accessible clue to the character of their apparitional nemesis.

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