Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Anbu (Vishal) is a blessed go-lucky guy, who lives with his ancestors in Pattukottai and is accepting a acceptable time singing active fast numbers like Kantha Kadamba.., forth with his friends. One day he gets into a affray with a bounded baby-kisser ('Kathal' Dhandapani) and his banana henchmen while aggravating to save a acquaintance and is arrested and a case registered adjoin him. The bounded cloister gives him codicillary bail, provided he signs the annals in a Tiruchi badge station!

On the way to Tiruchi badge station, he sees a babe on a terrace (Motta madi) dehydration clothes and avalanche for her. It is adulation at aboriginal afterimage for Anbu as he becomes crazy about Malar (Priyamani) a academy girl, which leads to some amusing situations. The badge station, area he has to assurance daily, is manned by his Chittappa Kanthaswamy (Ashish Vidyarthi), a banana sub-inspector whose ex-lover Kamala (Urvasi) is the adult constable at the station. Anbu kindles the adulation activity of his uncle and makes amusing at Malar’s academy arch to funny situations.

Meanwhile Tiruchi boondocks is run by a able baby-kisser Palani (Devaraj) and his brother Guna (Ajay), who accept dead the bounded RDO in algid claret watched by a huge army of onlookers! The brothers abide with their ‘dada giri’, till they affray with a adventurous heart! He is none added than our Anbu, who while aggravating to save Malar from a difficult bearings ends up accepting the acrimony of the brothers. Anbu, the one-man army does a acceptable annihilation job and cleans up Tiruchi of all its baddies!

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