Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Veeramum Eeramum

Shankar Ayya(Saravanan) is the 'godfather' of Tuticorin and the villages about it, breadth the Aruvaal( sickle acclimated as a weapon to kill) ability prevails. The villagers account him because of his ability as a do-gooder and a man who helps the poor and needy. His enemies led by his accessory Semmarai Pandian, a atrocious and cunning man with a adenoids arena (Sudhakar Vasanth) abhorrence him due to decades old acrimony amid the two families. So claret flows as common assemblage wars booty place, creating a law and adjustment botheration in the littoral area.

The Superintendent of Police, Veerasangli (Deepan Chakravarthy) is asked by the government to array out and stop the assemblage wars. Remember the beforehand SP had disappeared, aggravating to accompany the altercation to an end.(actually he was chopped and his anatomy was disposed off in the abysmal sea by Semmarai and his gang!) Veerasangli is a added committed man, and he tries to accommodate peace, but fails to accompany Semmarai to the table, alike afterwards aggressive him with appointment death. Semmarai with a dissection abhorrence for Shankar is adamant that he will never acquiesce accord as continued as Shankar ancestors holds sway, and again plays dirty. What happens abutting is told in a acute and arresting manner, arch to a beauteous climax.

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