Monday, March 8, 2010

Kattradhu Thamizh

The movie is showcased by the administrator to highlight the achievement of Jeeva. Armed with a courage plays accounting role of Prabhakar, a post-graduate in Tamil, the film brings a age-old mixture of beauty, love, affection, and awareness as a one-man act. The arena breadth he confronts a alarm centre employee, in the dark of the night he pours his contemptuousness and annoyance at the system, is brilliant.

Prabhakar (Jeeva) is a Tamil Graduate stays in in west Mambalam breadth of Chennai, who leads a abandoned activity in a lodge. He is balked and alike tries to accomplish suicide, in a arrangement breadth alive your mother argot and teaching it is looked bottomward aloft by a association appetite for actual allowances and alterity in pay structure. 10 years back, there were bodies who were accepting Rs 2000 and Rs 20000, but today all that accept afflicted as there are individuals alive for IT companies cartoon Rs 2 lakhs as salary, while the guy who gets Rs 2000 is still there aggravating to eke out a living!

Prabhakar, for no accountability of his is at the accepting end, abashed by cops and on the run afterwards killing a railway booking agent in a fit of rage. He roams all about the country and joins some saadhus, aerial on pot and additionally grows his bristles continued and keeps a furry beard. Finally he wants to bewitch the devils aural and at gun point kidnaps a television ballast (Karnas), who annal his activity story, breadth he confesses to killing 22 bodies in algid blood! In the anamnesis he reveals his past, his accomplishments by a Tamil abecedary (Azhagamperumal) and his adolescence candied affection Anandhi (Anjali) who after in his activity becomes an attraction for him.

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