Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Jeevanandham (Ajith) is an all-embracing adjudicator and accoutrements banker based in Paris. He has three sons: Sam (Sampat) and Vicky (Rajiv) from his aboriginal wife, and Shiva (Ajith) from his additional wife. Jeevanandham’s favourite is Shiva, who is bold and righteous, while the added two are adolescent and controlled by their uncle, the affronted Kali Mamma (Pradeep Rawat), and will do any adumbral deals.

Sarah (Sameera Reddy) is a cultural attaché at the Indian Embassy in Paris who has a bendable atom for Shiva. There is a French brand officer, Daniel (Suresh), who consistently hangs about with the ancestors and is a accomplice in crime.

The bad sons appetite to accord in drugs and accumulation accoutrements to terrorists; they assignment out a action to annihilate Shetty (Keli Dorji), who controls the Mumbai underworld, but the old man and Shiva argue it. After the old man's death, Vicky is kidnapped by Shetty and his gang, who atrociously ache him.

To save Vicky, Shiva goes to Mumbai. His bounded acquaintance there is Mirasi (Prabhu), his father’s best friend. A bounded girl, Sulaba (Bhavana), avalanche for our hero, who alarmingly rescues Vicky with the actor Don Samosa (Yuhi Sethu). Both brothers bifold beyond shiva(ajith kumar) they attempt shiva by two bullets and drowned him in sea. They bent Sarah(sameera reddy) by giving drugs and accomplish her to assurance as attestant that shiva dies naturally. As per Jeevanandam will the acreage rights belongs to shiva (ajith) so Sam(sampath) and vicky(rajiv) attempted to annihilate shiva(ajith) but shiva escaped.

With the Help of mirasi(prabhu ganesan) Sulabha(bhavana) with don samsa all affective to france to acquisition the absolute enimies. He kills vicky(rajiv) and rescues Sarah(sameera) from vicky. He leave Daniel brand and gun to accomplish accept that he did this, Next he takes the Will of jeevanandam and moved, Using don samsa Sam and kalivardan traces mirasi and Sarah and sulabah. He demands the will for them. Shiva came to apperceive that his uncle and bisected brother dead his father, audition this shiva gets affronted and kills both. French brand Daniel closes the book that both sam(sampath) and kalivardan(pradeep rawat) dead anniversary other. Mirasi and Don samsa leaves to Mumbai. Shiva marries sulbah

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