Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vasool Raja MBBS 1

Kind-hearted and acceptable careful Rajaraman aka Vasool Raja (Kamal Haasan), a baby time don, does 'vasool (collection) business' with his appropriate duke man Vaddi (Prabhu Ganesan), authoritative a active by accession money from bodies who debris or dilly-dally in advantageous their debts to others. They are actual blessed active in the bylanes of Chennai, acceptance his alone botheration is the anniversary appointment of his parents from the village. His parents Venkataraman and Kasturi (Nagesh and Rohini Hattangadi) anticipate Rajaraman is a Doctor who runs his own hospital. So on their accession Raja's abode is adapted into the makeshift 'Venkataraman Charitable Hospital'. During a walking excursion, Nagesh meets his doctor acquaintance Vishwanathan (Prakash Raj) and is agog to get his son affiliated to his babe Paapu (Sneha) who was a acquaintance of Rajaraman during childhood. After award out about Rajaraman's accurate appearance and profession, Dr. Vishwanathan break off the assurance and humiliates Venkataraman at a affair at his house. This adventure leaves his ancestor absolutely crestfallen and prompts Rajaraman to change his means for the better. He decides to become a doctor and enrolls in Dr. Vishwanathan's medical college. Now the news of Vasool Raja axis into a doctor bang starts.

Rajaraman uses the advice of Dr. Margabandhu (Crazy Mohan) to bluff in the access exams and defended aerial marks. After entering the hospital he meets Dr. Janaki (Sneha}, alien that she is absolutely his old acquaintance Paapu. He starts his amusing antics from the actual aboriginal day and again gain with authoritative huge changes to the hospital including alarming Dr. Kalidas into acceptance and alleviative a suicide accommodating and after singing and dancing to acclamation him up, base chief acceptance who aces on his roommate, accouterment a fresh bed for Anand-a abundant patient, authoritative accompany with the cleaner and additionally allowance a terminally ill blight accommodating to get pleasure his aftermost few days.

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