Thursday, March 4, 2010


The news is set in the accomplishments of the goons of Pudhupettai in Chennai, as the appellation suggests, area academy kid Kokki Kumar (Dhanush) sees his mom dead afterwards he comes aback from watching a movie. His father, the assassin is additionally planning to annihilate his son Kumar. Kumar analysis crisis runs abroad from home. Homeless and with no aliment Kumar resorts to allurement until he is falsely arrested while continuing by and watching a commotion on the street. In bastille he befriends handymen of a bounded aggressor who booty Kumar with them and accord him petty jobs to do. In a battle with goons of addition assemblage Kumar kills the brother of his adversary assemblage appropriately earning the account of his assemblage and authoritative enemies for himself both aural his assemblage and outside.

Kumar avalanche in adulation with a prostitute Krishnaveni (Sneha) and she moves in with him. Kumar requests his bang-up who is additionally Krishnaveni's bang-up (pimp) abandon from actuality a prostitute but he refuses. In a fit of acerbity Kumar kills his own bang-up appropriately acceptable the assemblage baton himself. He helps a lot of politicians during acclamation times and becomes accepted in the abyss circle.

He again meets Selvi (Sonia Agarwal) on the eve of her bells and avalanche in adulation with her and marries her forcibly during her bells ceremony. Soniya is the sister of his admired abettor who now becomes his affidavit adversary and joins the adversary gang. Slowly Kumar starts accumulating austere enemies and eventually anybody alpha targeting for Kumar's head. Does Kumar survive the acrimony of his enemies? forms the blow of the story.

The cine was criticized for its affectation of abandon and blood-soaked gore. Some acquainted the cine had too abundant of clear detail about the activity of the goons.

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