Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vaaranam Aayiram 3

He allotment to India already afresh and starts blind out with his accompany in adjustment to get over his affecting loss. He meets Priya (Divya Spandana), his sister's friend. However the thoughts of accident Meghna still abode him and he resorts to demography drugs. Surya's parents try to get him to breach the addiction by locking him up in his allowance and removing him from all alien contact. Already they ascertain his abandonment symptoms, they ask him to booty a continued breach in adjustment to rejuvenate himself. Subsequently, he takes a leisure cruise to Kashmir. There he learns that Aditya, the son of Shankar Menon, the being who aggressive him in the airport was kidnapped. He anon goes and visits them at Delhi. Aloft seeing the apathetic attitude of the police, he takes affairs into his own easily and goes in chase of the kidnappers. After canicule of adrift streets and acquisition information, he assuredly locates the kidnapper (Prithviraj) and the abode area Aditya is kept. He battles the kidnappers single-handedly, overpowers them and rescues Aditya from the kidnappers. 

Back home, Surya starts to go out with his sister and Priya. One day Priya proposes to him but he doesn't respond. Surya decides that the alone way to balloon the affliction in his anatomy is to adapt his anatomy for bigger things. He goes on a austere assignment out training and after joins the army. After 6 years, Priya comes to the Indian Aggressive Academy area he is acquaint to accommodated him and proposes again; this time he accepts and they ally and accept a son. Suddenly Krishnan is diagnosed of throat blight and is operated. After some canicule Surya is alleged aloft to go on a mission to accomplishment a announcer which brings the arena aback to present day. After commutual the aggressive mission with the advice of a masked man (Gautham Menon) who tells them area the culprits were, Surya allotment aback home to see his asleep father. Surya, his sister Shriya, Malini and Priya let go his father's ashes in the sea and Malini relates her husbands activity to Surya by uttering a ballad from a Hindu prayer. The blur ends on a blessed agenda as the four airing abroad smiling.

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