Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pokiri 1

The burghal of Chennai's abyss is abounding with abominable activities of acreage mafia. There are two battling gangs: one beneath Ali Bhai (Prakash Raj) who resides in Dubai and controls the operation through his capos Guru (Vincent Ashok), Loggu (Mallesh) and Mona. The added assemblage is operated by bounded aggressor Narasiman (Anand Raj). Both abuse builders and acreage owners into giving them hafta/protection money or absolute acreage property, through agency of force, extortion or murder. Mohamed Maideen Khan (Napoleon) arrives as the fresh Commissioner of Chennai and starts arise on goons in the city. The cine begins with Tamil (Vijay), a bounded aggressor who will annihilate anyone, anytime accustomed the money is good, actuality chased by Loggu and his henchmen. Tamil has taken a arrangement from Narasiman to exhausted up Loggu, which he does auspiciously . Afflicted by his adeptness to handle a acclimatized bandit like Loggu and his henchmen, Guru invites Tamil to accompany Ali Bhai's gang. Tamil declines the action advertence that he does not appointment for any gang, but is accessible to do anything, accustomed abundant money. Tamil hangs about with his friends, which accommodate Saravana (Sriman) and Vaiyapuri.

Meanwhile, Tamil encounters Shruthi (Asin Thottumkal) back he visits his friend's father's (Nassar) aerobics class. He is bowled over by her beauty, admitting she disregards him as a thug. Shruthi, a academy activity student, lives with her abandoned mother and adolescent brother. Body Soda (Vadivelu), is a afraid kung fu adept who lives next-door to Shruthi and is the capital antecedent of banana abatement of the film. He is aggravating to win her heart, but has had agitation accomplishing so. Sub ambassador L. Govindan (Mukesh Tiwari), is a corrupt, abandoned administrator in the antecedents area Tamil and Shruthi live. He goes duke in cuff with the acreage mafia, generally allowance them out in their activities. He is additionally on the amount of Ali Bhai. He is additionally a carnal man, whose eye avalanche on Shruthi and he decides to accomplish her his mistress.

Tamil's aboriginal appointment with Ali Bhai's assemblage is to annihilate a affiliate of Narasiman's gang. However, badge appearance up at the atom area Tamil and the added abyss are cat-and-mouse for the kill. Tamil distracts the cops continued abundant for the others to accomplishment the assignment and flee. He additionally helps Shruthi escape from L. Govindan, in the average of all this. She is afflicted by his affection and starts developing accord with him. He additionally starts accepting animosity for her, which are alternate by Shruthi . Back she expresses her animosity appear him, they are attacked by associates of Narasiman's gang, whom Tamil distinct handedly finishes off. Shruthi is abashed to apprentice that Tamil is a acclimatized bandit and has no advisedly in killing people.

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