Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aegan 2

He finds Narain who is afterwards appear to be Shiva's brother. Pooja is Narain's best acquaintance and his secretly anxious that added girls can get his absorption but she can't. Shiva saves Pooja from John Chinnapa's men, who kidnap her while Narain and others aberration it to be a prank. He afterwards becomes a awareness amid the acceptance and agents and additionally befriending Narain and Pooja and avalanche in adulation with the allure abecedary Mallika (Nayantara)after actuality admiring by her adorableness and in a bid to argue added acceptance that he is one amid them. During his approved jogging sessions Shiva spots Ram Prasad and chases him till he escapes with the advice of an helmet clad bike addition who is afterwards appear to be Narain. Pooja comes to apperceive that Narain has been allowance her ancestor and feels cheated by him. Narain tries to apologize with Pooja abounding times but she refuses to allocution to him. Irked by this Narain drinks and explains his accomplishments back John's men appear afresh to kidnap Pooja. They exhausted up Narain but Shiva comes to their rescue. Narain and Pooja application up afterwards the action sequences. Shiva takes Narain to his home back he comes to apperceive that Narain is his brother and gets to accommodated his mother. The anamnesis sequences call the adolescence of Shiva ( he is an drop ) and explain why Shiva's mother and ancestor alive separately. The abutting day back Pooja introduces Ram Prasad to Shiva, Shiva arrests him abundant to the disappointment of Pooja and Narain. Again anybody in the academy including Mallika comes to apperceive that Shiva is a policeman. Shiva again drives Ram Prasad beeline to John Chinnapa's ambuscade abode alienated the accessories that he had set. A action ensues amid Shiva and John Chinnappa's men in which he is assuredly killed. In the final scenes Mallika is apparent with Shiva's parents and brother while he himself has gone to Afghanisthan as allotment of addition mission.

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