Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vaaranam Aayiram 2

Surya is abashed consistently by Meghna's thoughts and appropriately ends up activity to her house. There she tells him that she is activity to University of California, Berkeley in addition anniversary to accompany college education. During that aeon Krishnan, Surya's father, gets his aboriginal balmy affection advance and is accepted to the hospital. Afresh on, an aggressive Surya obtains assorted projects and assuredly builds a abode for his parents. 

After that, he goes to the United States, with the accepting of his father, and meets Meghna. After some canicule Meghna proposes to him and they breach appropriately for a few days. Afresh she goes to Oklahoma City for a project. Surya decides to accompany her after travelling by the Greyhound bus. When he alcove there, he assemblage the Oklahoma City bombing and realises that Meghna is amidst those injured. She dies on her way to the hospital. A abashed Surya afresh decides to appear aback to India. He meets a being by name Shankar Menon at the airport who tries to animate him with his words and offers him words of encouragament. 

He allotment to India already afresh and starts blind out with his accompany in adjustment to get over his affecting loss. He meets Priya (Divya Spandana), his sister's friend. However the thoughts of accident Meghna still abode him and he resorts to demography drugs. Surya's parents try to get him to breach the addiction by locking him up in his allowance and removing him from all alien contact. Already they ascertain his abandonment symptoms, they ask him to booty a continued breach in adjustment to rejuvenate himself. Subsequently, he takes a leisure cruise to Kashmir. There he learns that Aditya, the son of Shankar Menon, the being who aggressive him in the airport was kidnapped. He anon goes and visits them at Delhi. Upon seeing the apathetic attitude of the police, he takes affairs into his own easily and goes in chase of the kidnappers. After canicule of adrift streets and acquisition information, he assuredly locates the kidnapper (Prithviraj) and the abode area Aditya is kept. He battles the kidnappers single-handedly, overpowers them and rescues Aditya from the kidnappers.

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