Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cloverfield is a 2008 Hollywood film directed by Matt Reeves, produced by J. J. Abrams and written by Drew Goddard. The film starts as a recovered video file showing Rob and Beth in Coney Island for date. A farewell party was going on for Rob as he is about to leave for his job in Japan. Just then, a shock jolts their apartment building. The party rushes to the roof to see what is going on. In the distance they see an explosion and must flee back inside the building to avoid debris, were now they see image of a monstrous shadow moving down the street several blocks away. The monster knocks over the Woolworth Building, sending a cloud of debris blowing down the street. As everyone decides to evacuate Manhattan by going over the Brooklyn Bridge, Rob receives a call from Beth who was stuck in apartment, with whom Rob had a relationship in past, He went to rescue Beth along with his friends. After many obstacles they rescue and taken in helicopter, In mean time air force started bombing the monster, it suddenly reaches up and attacks the helicopter, helicopter crashes down injuring the others in Central Park. In meantime air raid continues.....The film cuts to Rob and Beth's Coney Island date(from start) Cloverfield grossed a total of $16,930,000 on its opening day in the United States and Canada. It made $40,058,229 on its opening weekend, making it the most successful January release to date. Worldwide, it has grossed $170,602,318, making it the first movie in 2008 to gross over $100 million. Cloverfield appeared on some critics' top ten lists of the best films of 2008. Empire magazine named it the fifth best film of 2008, and went even further by placing it at number 394 on their countdown of the 500 greatest films ever made


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