Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bommalattam 1

An investigationis anon opened up into the allegeddeath of Trishna, who was in the car. CBIsuspects Rana of committing planned murder. Here enters Vivek Varma (Arjun), CBI administrator who absorbed in nailing Rana with murder. Vivek does accept his own agendas though, as his adherent (Kajal Aggarwal), an agog fan of Rana himself, has gone on to accompany Rana as an assistant, and has gradually developed added absorbed to Rana than she is to Vivek himself, causing their accord to strain. Vivek probes continuously to try to captive Rana with murder, as he reveals that two added murders took abode aural his blur setsduring the cutting of 'Cinema', and believes now that Rana is amenable for all three murders. Finally, during interrogation, Rana reveals of how he begin Trishna and their relationship. She was a dancer, who acclimated to ball in templesand bush shows beyond Andhra Pradesh. He hires her as his fresh muse, and in the cutting spot, they are apparent to allotment a actual affectionate relationship, fuelling absolute rumorsthat he is a womanizer. One accurate night, the unit's hairdresseris larboard after a abode to sleep, and Rana offers her a abode in his room, and witnessing this, addition assemblage affiliate informs Rana's wife (Ranjitha). The abutting morning, as Rana is already afresh apparent to allotment a actual abutting affinity with Trishna, his wife arrives, beats up the hairdresser, and throws a tantrum, accusing him as a womanizer. He about continues shooting, actualization to be assertive by the adventure but allegedly cries agilely while instructing his actors, article which his abettor notices.

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