Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bommalattam 2

He and his abettor are additionally apparent to allotment a appropriate and abutting relationship, as she comforts him afterwards on. However, at the aforementioned apple in which they are shooting, they face troubles in the anatomy of the apple arch (Manivannan), who is belled and consistently active over Trishna. He states in rageat one point that he would annihilate the arch should he account added inconvenience. The abutting day, the arch is murdered at a adjacent quarry. Vivek recalls this and states that Rana committed this annihilation because he can't angle the chief's behavior appear Trishna, but Rana neither agrees or denies this statement. Rana is afterwards accepted to the hospital as he faints anon afterwards that interrogation, but Vivek pursues him alike in the hospital, and recollects the adventure of the additional murder. Afterwards finishing their agenda at the village, the assemblage arch to Malaysiato abide their cutting for 'Cinema'. There, Rana has to accommodated addition nuisance in agreement of the financier's son, who is additionally the film's additional hero. He flirts about with Trishna and tries to consistently access her, of which she is acutely afflictive with, and anon afterwards, he is begin murdered as well. Once again, Rana neither denies or agrees as Vivek accuses him of murder. Rana's abettor aloft witnessing what Vivek is accomplishing confronts him and accuses him of aggravating to pin bottomward Rana in jealousy. She offers her anatomy in barter of Rana actuality larboard alone, but Vivek reveals to her the aggravation that abide in the investigation. The abominably burnt anatomy in the car which fell from the bluff belongs to a man and not a woman, and all the affirmation that exists at the abomination sceneare all fake, which are acclimated for cinema.

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