Friday, December 4, 2009


A able-bodied affiliate tale, the news begins at Ravana's (Prakashraj) address and the time of Ramayana back he orders his brother Mareesan (Jayaram) to transform into a deer to abduct Seetha. Mareesan argues with Ravana but assuredly complies back Idumba (Raju Eswaran) and Ravana abuse the activity of Mareesan's lover (Samiksha). Assuredly the said affair happens and Mareesan gets addled by the arrow by aristocrat Rama, he becomes a bedrock but not afore he transforms Idumba into an adornment and wears it on his leg. Times change and the avant-garde day comes. Rajaram (Nasser) is a actual affluent man who owns tea estates and he has Seetha (Saranya Mohan) as his baker and Sri Rama (Arvind Akash) as the dietician. Both Rama and Seetha are in love, on the added duke Rajaram's ancestors (M S Bhaskar and Mayilsamy) plan a artifice to booty the property. In this process, they end up planning to annihilate Seetha by blame her from a abundance top. Seetha avalanche anon on the bedrock idol of Mareesan and he gets his animal form. At the aforementioned time, his adornment avalanche off and is eaten by a fish. That angle is bent by fisherman Manickam (Nasser again) and Idumba gets his animal form. The age old acrimony crops up and while Mareesan vows to assure Seetha, Idumba affairs to advice Manickam get Rajaram's acreage as bisected brother. What happens from there forms the blow of the story.Though this is a actual accustomed accountable for the kids back the TV consecutive was a above attraction, the makers had done abundant assignment to fit it into celluloid and they agitated out their role with aplomb. While the aboriginal bisected goes about with the approved architecture of the artifice and the affair amid the advance pair, it is the additional bisected that picks up the absolute news and culminates into an absorbing climax. Overall, the ball aspect has been abiding actual well. The blur will be a above amusement for the accouchement and those elders who appetite to accept some fun additionally will get pleasure this.

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