Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Saamida cine starts with a babe from Ramanathapuram who is adversity because of hunger, awash to prostitute breadth in Mumbai. She larboard with no option, so she backpack on with that. The Man who was a approved chump to her, got affiliated with that girl. Later, he afflicted to assemblage baton and took animus on enemies. Things happened in advanced of her eyes, afflicted her to Woman Assemblage leader. Orphan Child becomes her appropriate hand. 

Everyone feared, back they went to Kasi. They are accomplishing assorted business like Mafia, Actionable Alcohol, Drugs and killing enemies who are adjoin them by Saami. In the meantime, Saami got adulation with the charlatan Pelo. Saami accomplishing actionable things afterwards her lover. Back she appear to apperceive this, she approved to change his mind. What happens afterwards that forms the blow of the story.

In his aboriginal blur Sembi, he complex his appearance and acted actual able-bodied in disorderly character. Actress Dhanusuya's acting was good, back she fell in adulation and tries to abate Sembi from abyss life. Neeba's acting is acceptable alike she came for while. Ragasiya's glamourous shots adds aftertaste to the movie. 

Kanal Kannan and Minnal Kannan achievement fights was good. Locations filmed are Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Salakkudi, Pondicherry. Scenes in Kasi are natural. Applaud to cinematographer Sreenivas Reddy who covered able-bodied about Saints, River and abounding locations. Music Director Indrajjith's songs are like speed-brake in highway. Rajs's Editing is crispy.

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