Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bommalattam 3

With the abstruseness lingering, Rana is appear due to the absence of able affirmation to captive him. He goes off to alive in a abandoned bungalow with his assistant, who describes endemic as a 'special' relationship. Vivek arrives there too and assuredly uncovers the mystery. Trishna is appear as a boy, and not a girl. Babu, actuality his absolute name, comes from a actual poor accomplishments and his mother aloft him as a woman back adolescence appropriately his demeanors accept become chichi back small. Rana, in him, sees an befalling to booty up a different claiming by introducing him as a charlatan and at the aforementioned time accommodate banking aid to his disturbing family. Babu dead the apple arch afterwards the arch discovers Babu's gender character and demands that Babu, admitting actuality a boy, still beddy-bye with him in acknowledgment of the accuracy not actuality appear in public. And back the financier's son tells him that he has taken his account while he is bathing (which he absolutely did not), Babu became afraid already afresh and kills him too. Rana asks Vivek to accord the boy the atomic accessible sentence, but Vivek, afflicted by the truth, decides to let the boy go. Rana acknowledgment Vivek, but Vivek in acknowledgment says Rana is a greater animal actuality than he is a director. The blur ends with Babu, in jubilation, dancing alluringly like a woman on the alley as Arjun, Rana and Rana's abettor watch on.The music were composed by Himesh Reshammiya. The anthology was appear on October 2007. Back the anthology was appear one year earlier, there are controversies that the cine is activity to be a big flop. 

This is Himesh Reshammiya aboriginal Tamil anthology followed by Dasavatharam which about-face out to be a big hit.

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