Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The news is set in a apple about amid Rajapalayam and Sivakasi in south Tamil Nadu. It is all about the affectionate abysmal adulation and account that Mari (Parvathy) develops for her accessory Thangarasu (Srikanth) from childhood. Mari is a adventurous apple babe whose apple revolves about her admired Thangarasu. 

Her best acquaintance and censor babysitter is Cheeni (Inbanila), a applied babe who works with her at the fireworks factory. She urges Mari to accurate her adulation for Thangarasu who is now an Engineer, acknowledgment to the adamantine assignment of his ancestor Penakaarar (Ramu), a bullock barrow driver. The agitation with Mari and her bind is that she is bedeviled by her accessory and goes abundant lengths to get beyond to him but is clumsy to accurate her abysmal adulation for him. 

But after Thangarasu gets affiliated to some added babe and Maari too gets affiliated to addition man account of His Father's Health and Dreams for him to become Big and Maari too forgives her adulation for Thangarasu but after back Maari gets to now that Thangarasu is not arch a blessed activity she braeks bottomward in abundant affliction and the blur finishes with the Sentimental Climax!

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