Friday, December 4, 2009

Abhiyum Naanum

During a airing to the esplanade Raghuraman (Prakash Raj) meets Sudhakar (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and tells him about his abounding adventures with his babe Abhi (Trisha Krishnan). Raghuram is the admiring bedmate of Anu (Aishwarya) and the awkward as able-bodied as caring ancestor of his alone babe Abhi. Together they all alive a calm and agreeable activity in Ooty/Munnar. Raghuram and Abhi become best friends. Over the years as Abhi grows up, Raghuraman has the joy of actuality a allotment of her accustomed life. Back Abhi gets accustomed in a celebrated academy in New Delhi, Raghuram is shocked. Although the anticipation of actuality afar from his babe for two accomplished years is affecting to him, Raghuram wearily accepts. As anon as Abhi allotment from college, she tells her parents that she has collapsed in adulation with a adolescent man in Delhi. Her mother Anu is altogether alright with the idea, but Raghuram is affronted and scared. Anu after informs Raghuram that their approaching son-in-law will be accession by even and blockage with them for a while. As anon as Raghuraman meets his approaching son-in-law, Joginder Singh (Ganesh Venkatraman) he is taken aback, because Joginder is a Sardar! After abounding conflicts with Abhi and Anu, Raghuram assuredly realizes that Joginder is absolutely accomplished and self-sacrificing, added so back on one break the Prime Minister calls him for advice. Abhi and Joginder get affiliated and leave for Delhi. Anu and Abhi get teary-eyed, but Raghuram stays calm. This is actual surprising, because he was the man that had already cried on his daughter's aboriginal day to school. Raghuram tells Sudhakar that he still stays in blow with his babe and generally gets to see her. Sudhakar understands how Raghuram feels, because he has a babyish babe himself. The cine ends with a buzz alarm from Abhi.

Prakash Raj portrays the activity adventure of a ancestor actual effectively.

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