Monday, January 4, 2010


The cine is basically a news with a cast of adulation and added action. In the movie, is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Unlike accepted base politicians, he is actual beeline forward. The badge and the government advisers are fabricated to assignment appropriately beneath the ascendancy of T. Rajendar.It is said,the cine is about based on absolute activity being called Jayamilan of Senawang.

Basically the angle of the news is that if any botheration occurs to the public, T. Rajendar is there to advice them. Mumtaj, a maid in the abode avalanche in adulation with the T. Rajendar and tries to ally him. Meanwhile there is addition appearance in the story, Sheela, sister. He about opposes his sister's adulation for her adolescence lover.

The cine is able-bodied accepted for its casuistic scenes. For instance, there is a arena area Sheela speaks in support, adage that she will not cede her brother for the account of her lover. In the actual abutting arena however, she threatens to elope with her lover if T. Rajendar does not accord to their marriage.

The sad catastrophe of this cine is that due to some apocryphal witness, T. Rajendar is adjudged of captivation in corruption. On audition this T. Rajendar’s anatomy genitalia bootless simultaneously. He was not able to apprehend that shock and dishonour to his abundant name. It was after diagnosed that he apprenticed fresh virus attack(H2N4 Karadi Dandanakka Virus). He after dies and a big cairn is erected to admire his great, constant honor.

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