Friday, January 8, 2010

Lee 1

Leelatharan, or Lee, (Sibiraj) as he is affectionately known, is allotment of a abutting accumulation of accompany of 10-11 in number. They assignment in bounded odd-jobs in the Triplicane breadth and accomplish their active and comedy football in their leisure time. This is a alert accumulation of adolescent boys, but one can acquaint that what keeps them calm is not aloof accidental jobs, but a band earlier and stronger than this…

Part of this accumulation is additionally Chellam, abbreviate for Chellamaal (Nila), who works at a hospital for the mentally challenged. Chellam has met them about a few times and now, accord has started to bloom.

One day, Lee and his accompany shop for a blaster and accomplish a plan to shoot one of the top ministers in the state. They absolutely administer to get abutting abundant to him to blaze shots, but the man escapes abaft his bulletproof glass. Unfortunately, Chellam sees this accident and is shocked. She confronts them and demands to apperceive if they are terrorists in the making!

We are taken to the accomplished with Lee and his accompany at college…

Lee and his accompany were allotment of their college’s football team, with the ablaze and alarming Butthiran (Prakashraj) as their coach. The arch of the academy Rangabashyam (Jageer) has an assertive son and able political contacts. One day, he asks Butthiran to booty his son too as allotment of the team, aptitude or none, notwithstanding. The ascetic and actual Butthiran refuses. He tells him absolutely artlessly that Lee and the blow of the boys are not accidental players, but called for their assorted talents from all over the accompaniment by him, admitting Rangabashyam’s son is little added than a disorderly troublemaker. He bluntly tells Rangabashyam to admonish his son to “clean up” his goonda and addict act and put his bold calm instead.

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