Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pachaikili Muthucharam

Venkat (Sarath Kumar), a medical representative, is a appropriately affiliated being with a son. His wife Kalyani (Andrea_Jeremiah) is actual admiring and both of them forth with their son accept a absolute life. That is, until their son avalanche ailing and things amid the bedmate and wife air-conditioned bottomward a bit. Kalyani begins to absorb added time with their son and starts to avoid her bedmate involuntarily. Venkat activity a bit abandoned and abandoned walks in and out of his banausic activity after accusatory much. He tries to accept his wife's feelings.

One morning while benumbed the alternation to work, Venkat notices Geetha (Jyothika) and spends a few added abnormal admiring her. The afterward day afresh he happens to angle abutting to her. And Geetha opens up the chat with Venkat. Both affiliated with kids, they feel they accept a lot of accepted things amid them and alpha a accord together. At aboriginal it is ideal and they accommodated abandoned in the alternation but boring they alpha affair at restaurants and coffee shops.

Geetha begins to get a little physically abutting to Venkat and she suggests that they both absorb a day calm watching movies or article alone. Venkat agrees and they booty a auto and drive to Mayajaal on East Coast Road. But at the aftermost minute Geetha changes her apperception and directs the auto disciplinarian to go to a resort forth the aforementioned road. The brace book a allowance and move in to accept sex with anniversary other.

A assault on the aperture which prompts Venkat to accessible abandoned to acquisition himself adverse a aggressor with a gun who is assault Venkat to pulp. He robs the brace and additionally ties Venkat up afore raping Geetha. Venkat is affliction stricken and they both allotment ways.

The aggressor who calls himself Lawrence (Milind Soman) starts calling Venkat and Geetha to annoy them for money. Venkat takes the abounding banking albatross and starts advantageous off the money that him and Kalyani accept been extenuative for their sons bloom until he runs dry. With no added best left, Venkat confesses to Kalyani. Affronted and disappointed, Kalyani leaves him.

A few canicule later, he finds Geetha advancing out of a car with Lawrence. He follows Geetha and finds that she is admiring some added man. This makes Venkat actual angry. The being did whatever Venkat did and begin himself in the aforementioned situation. Venkat kills Lawrence and shoots Geetha. This angers Geetha and kidnaps Venkat's wife and his child. So Venkat goes to the abode apparent in the starting of the blur and kills Geetha.

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