Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tamil blur directed by Subramani Siva. Subramani Siva, who rendered his admission Thiruda Thirudi, a 2004 delinquent blockbuster. This cine has Jeeva in the advance and Pooja as his adult love. The blur bootless to accomplish an appulse in box office. Hari (Jeeva) is an unemployed adolescence who runs a pavement book boutique in Tripiclane area. His ancestor (Nagesh) an cocked retired academy abecedary buys him a boutique in a architecture with his PF money. He names it “Periyar Bookshop” and runs it with acquaintance Karunas. Meanwhile he consistently bumps into Pooja (Pooja), a television anchorman and a love-hate accord happens!

However, one day a Malaysian based agent (Seeman) comes and evicts him from the boutique claiming that the abode belongs to him. Hari discovers that his ancestor was cheated by a acreage mafia assemblage which specializes in artificial abstracts and is hand-in-glove with acquirement officials. Hari decides to booty the gauntlet and bare the angry armament abaft those acreage grabbers.

Soon he discovers that Nama Shivayam of Vinayagam absolute estates is the academician abaft the absolute operations. How Hari becomes a one-man army and brings Nama Shivayam to amends forms the blow of the story. Writer-director Subramiam Siva has machine-tooled it like a archetypal masala entertainer. Pori is so glossily packaged and beggared of a body that it ability as able-bodied be punched out by a computer.

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